Advantages of Hispanic Franchise Business Opportunities

Starting any new business involves a huge amount of planning, finances, collection of resources and much more. One of the best options in such cases is to opt in for a franchise model of an established business. This gives the small entrepreneur a ready and complete outline of the business, including initiating plans and possible opportunities for further growth and expansion. The financial investments are of much more manageable proportions. A big chunk of the members of minority communities, particularly the Hispanic or Latino population, are involved in franchise businesses. The Franchised Business Ownership survey conducted in 2007 by the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Educational Foundation, states that ownership by minorities contributes to 19.3 percent of all franchisees, and Hispanic business franchises account for 5.8 percent of the overall segment.

The advantages of Hispanic franchise business opportunities are immense for both the communities and the business corporate. One of the biggest benefits is that it creates job opportunities within the community. A Latino business franchise owner opening up a business outlet in his own neighborhood helps to open up jobs for the members of his community living in that area. Unemployment rates go down so does the propensity towards crime and misdemeanor. Gainful employment gives the community a more positive outlook. According to the Small Business Administration, franchise models generate approximately 300,000 jobs every year.

Hispanic business franchise channels contribute greatly towards expansion of the society. These franchise owners have now been able to infiltrate the urban business areas which were lacking in minority business population. Many big chain restaurants and convenience stores are now offering special funding for Latino business owners, and working directly with minority associations to employ additional businessmen from these communities, thus helping the society grow.

Franchise businesses run by people from the Latino community helps to expand cultural reach. The parent companies are able to reach out and tap the massive potential of involving Latino business owners into their fold and in turn reap the benefits of the huge number of prospective customers from those communities. Chains such as Burger King, Dominos Pizza and McDonald’s have chalked out various business plans and marketing campaigns to attract and rope in Hispanic business owners. Programs such as ‘Real People, Real Success’, devised by Burger King or ‘Delivering the Dream’ ad campaign planned by Dominos Pizza, are aimed at members of the Latino and other minority communities. These campaigns and programs help prospective businessmen achieve their dreams of owning a business and outline the involvement of other Hispanic franchise owners and employees to amplify the diversity among the franchise business owners. Products and food items, specifically created by the parent firms for these communities provide a great opportunity to attract the consumers from this area and meet their needs.

Franchise business models act as a way for Hispanic business owners towards improving their lifestyles and achieving their goals in life. The ready business blueprints serve as a guide for establishing and running a business successfully. The entire family can also be involved in the operations, thus appeasing the family oriented Latino community.

Why Commercial Property Makes For a Good Investment

All investors know that the best way to secure your wealth is in real estate. Even some of the top financial traders in the world keep their wealth in real estate. Some of the richest people in the world are known for their property portfolios. Just think of Donald Trump or even Oprah Winfrey and you’ll see that a significant portion of their wealth is kept in real estate. Why? Because it’s the one thing that keeps it value consistently and one of the investment vehicles that has the least fluctuation over time.

While most property investors start off modestly with residential real estate, the real money is to be made in commercial property. Be warned though as this is a very different ball game and something that only the most experienced investors should take on.

Although most people think of commercial real estate as shops and office developments, its really everything that has commercial value. It includes things like guest houses, apartment blocks and even factory buildings. Each and every sector of the commercial property market has a component that’s very specific to it and the investors that have the most success are the ones that understand it best.

One of the main reasons why commercial property is such a good investment is simply because of the returns. It can be infinitely more than mere residential rental properties. It has the ability to increase in value very quickly and the monthly rental income can be very high.

Commercial property is also much more stable because tenants are much more permanent that in a residential market. Many commercial tenant contracts are 10 year contracts which mean that you can be sure of your income for the next 10 years. If you’ve been through the ups and downs of residential tenants then you probably know just how great that can be.

A Talent for Speaking Is Essential for Business

It is a fact that no matter what type of business you are in, you will eventually have to deal with people personally. Speaking to clients, employees, and colleagues is essential to a successful business, but is not exactly easy when the subject is a difficult one. Things like having to fire an employee or bargaining for a contract with a supplier may be tougher than most average people realize. Such situations not only require tact, but also require a strong stance and sometimes even cunning and wit. Many people are too shy or timid to handle face to face speaking very well, and those types never make it far in the business world. To be a true leader one must have a commanding presence and the confidence to do whatever is needed of him or her. Being a talented speaker is something few of us are born with, and most of us have to hone such an ability through practice over time. Regardless of how one gains the ability to be a talented speaker, once it is attained it will help them in every facet of business. A talented orator can really motivate his employees when needed, and will do well when dealing with clients or contractors. The biggest part of any good business is the people involved in it, and if one can communicate well, they will find themselves richer for it.

It is a well known fact that all of the best business people in the world are also great motivators and talkers. They all have great public personalities, and exude a great deal of charisma whenever they speak. Most people like such people because of their positive appearance and their way with words. When in a corporate situation these leaders are strong in their convictions, and are able to motivate others to get the job done right. It is pretty easy to see why such a skill is essential to getting to the top, and staying there! As a business owner or operator, one should try their best to become comfortable with speaking with eloquence and tact, and hopefully speaking in public or to crowds. Those seemingly simple skills, are not easy to develop if one is unwilling or unsure. However, their worth for business and life is almost immeasurable.

If you were to look at the successful people throughout history and thoroughly analyze their best abilities, you would notice that at the top of the list of abilities that most of them possessed would be talented speaking. Speaking on the personal level is truly important, but most successful people will also be good at public speaking or speaking to large groups. As a business owner you will eventually need to motivate your staff, whether you are a small business of less than ten employees or the owner of a huge company with over a hundred employees. Motivational speaking is something that should be a skill in your arsenal as a business person, but if you do not possess the ability yourself, you will need to seek out others who do. Hiring such a person will allow you to focus more on the other aspects of your business, while still keeping your employees motivated and sure of themselves. It is a very good idea to have a company seminar at least once a year where everyone in your company can get together and talk about the state of the business, and where there will be motivational speaking for the year ahead. While it is best if you the owner can handle this to at least some extent, hiring out a paid motivational speaker can be a good investment in the success of the following years.