You Can Start Your Own Virtual Mobile Phone Shop Without an Investment

You can now start your own virtual mobile phone shop thanks to the joint venture program of three companies; T-Mobile, Sprint and an enterprise called Liberty International. For those of you who are in the market for a cell phone franchise you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars anymore to open one. A virtual mobile phone shop from these three companies has the same kind of access to phones, accessories and calling plans that the traditional retailers have, but without the need for rent to pay, paperwork to file, inventory to stock, employees to hire or money to invest. Plus, all transactions are done online so you can operate your business wherever you go from your laptop or iPhone.

The mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. Last year alone the sale of mobile phones reached over $65 billion dollars in revenue, and this doesn’t even include the gross receipts from wireless calling plans. This opportunity from the above mentioned companies gives the home business owner the ability to grab a piece of the financial pie in the mobile phone industry that has never been made available before.

So, if you are looking to find an up-to-date and technologically advanced home business to sink your teeth into, you should take a few minutes to check this offer out from T-Mobile, Sprint and Liberty International. It may be just the thing you’ve been looking for but didn’t know existed–and you might even be able to make enough money to change the financial direction in your life.

If You Don’t Work on Your Business It Will Fail! – Here’s Some Tips to Help You Work on It

You build a better business by working on it, but finding the time to work on building a better business is a major challenge faced by most small to medium enterprise owners.

When you’ve just clocked a 50-60hr week working ‘in your’ business, delivering the product/service, fire fighting, dealing with staff issues and whatever else comes up – finding the time, motivation & energy to improve your business can be a challenge.

Other obstacles that can arise are lack of direction and focus: ‘I know I should be working on it – but how do I actually do that? and ‘What issues and problems do I tackle first? Nagging questions like these can cause a feeling of overwhelm that can lead to procrastination and shelving ‘the working on it’ for another week. Unfortunately the less time you spend working on it, the more time you’ll spend working in it, continually experiencing the same frustrations and barriers to growth.

Understanding the difference between working ‘in your’ business and ‘on your’ business is the first step to building an even better business.

‘Working on the business’ does NOT mean scheduling work, processing the accounts, submitting a quote or helping your employees do a job, these tasks are important and they’re just ‘business as usual tasks’.

‘Working ON the business’ involves thinking about the future, planning,reviewing & improving current processes and systems and asking questions like how can we do X,Y,Z better here? What would be a simpler way to do X,Y,Z? If I suddenly got sick for a month and couldn’t do what I usually do, where would things fall down first?

Working on your business is a shift in mindset and taking it on board fully will mean forming some new habits and disciplines:

Here are some tips to help you start ‘working on it’

  1. Set aside a block of time to work on your business every week. Buy yourself a good note book and pen. Tell your staff, friends & family that you do not want to be interrupted (unless it’s an emergency) and go to a library or a quiet coffee shop, somewhere where there is minimal distraction, then get out your new notebook & pen.
  2. Reflect on your current frustrations with the business; what areas of the business are most problematic – Ask: Why does this problem exist? Then drill further again until you get to the root cause of the problem. Clarity on the root cause will empower you to develop solutions that work. Also consider….What determines the strength of a chain? The answer is the weakest link. Identify the weakest link in the business and focus your efforts there. There is no point investing money in a new website to generate sales if your customer service is shabby!
  3. Decide where your business is going. What will it be like in 2, 3, or 5 years time? How much money will it make, how many people will you employee, what will you be doing in it then? What will you not be doing then? What products and services will you be offering then? Use this as a guide for strategic planning and identifying changes required to move in the new direction.
  4. Visualise – spend some time just thinking about your ultimate business, just visualising and thinking about your ultimate business will generate new ideas, the process will get you inspired and motivated into action.
  5. Become a big sponge – Read, listen, watch, research and use outside help. There’s heaps of free resources on the web, you can find lots of ideas and answers for free, tune into the experience of other business owners and learn from it. There are free government resources, business incubators and programmes for you to leverage and utilise. Business coaches and mentors can help you with objectivity, guidance, support, accountability & feedback all aimed at helping your business and you grow. I have some great free tools available on my Free Resources page.

Cancun Real Estate – Established Favorite, New Growth Investment

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most diverse areas in terms of real estate and lifestyles which it offers American and Canadian buyers. Whether you prefer the luxury of high rise condos in modern Cancun Real Estate at the north end of the Mexican Caribbean coast, the more traditional community of Cozumel Real Estate on a beautiful island, or the newly opportunities of Costa Maya at the south, near the Belize border, the Mexican Caribbean offers many options, and includes the benefit of being within a short drive to many other communities.

Cancun is the flagship of Mexican Caribbean; although it’s a relatively new city, created from scratch 40 years ago, since then it has established itself as a favorite for international tourists not only within Mexico, but on a world-wide level. Owning real estate in Cancun means your beachfront condo will have easy access to new, modern malls on wide, well designed roads, as well as to nightlife, restaurants and many, many seaside activities. While Cancun’s reputation in tourism keeps all of this well maintained through public and private investment, Cancun isn’t just sitting back and letting the tourists roll in; the recent expansion of the airport and construction of a new convention center is posing Cancun to become one of the most important travel and business convention hubs in North and South America. With this status comes increased property value, new rental demand, and, in short, more investment opportunities.

The island of Cozumel, about an hour and a half away, is one of two communities in this area that has been continuously inhabited since the ancient Mayan days. It is also one of the Caribbean’s favorite cruise stops, and has recently gained increased status as a home port for an important Pullmantur cruise. While Cozumel offers a calm, relaxing lifestyle, with close contact to the islands lush nature and mystical Mayan ruins, this new tourism brought from cruise vacationers who choose to extend their stay in Cozumel after the cruise, will likewise will bring growth and new opportunities to the real estate industry.

Across the strait from Cozumel is Playa del Carmen, which has been Latin America’s fastest growing community for a couple of years now, and shows no signs of slowing down. Strategically positioned between Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum, Playa del Carmen’s unique atmosphere defined by comfortable homes and low-rise condos, with a bit of a European feel to it from all the Italians (second only to Americans in numbers) continues to present some of Mexico’s finest real estate.

Tulum Real Estate is the area promising to show the most growth in the near future. Currently a small village, Tulum has recently gained status as a separate municipality, has created a well-designed urban growth plan with a green and sustainable focus and has begun to open up attractive new developments such as Aldea Zama, an contemporary-rustic style village, selling lots for people who like the idea of living within a short walk to the beachfront, near an elegant shopping area.

The new airport in Tulum is expected to accelerate the attraction of new services and conveniences, in addition to start bringing further attention to tourism and real estate to the south of the state, especially the Costa Maya area, which is south of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas.