Get Paid to Write! The Easiest Home Based Business to Launch (No Investment Required)

Who else would love to earn a full time living from home, doing something that you love? Does the idea of creating content, contribution and community through the power of your personal passion sound exciting? Can you imagine building a blog, a brand, a business and ultimately your bank account by spending a few hours a day in front of your keyboard? The truth is, you CAN….and in this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the very BEST ways anyone can profit from the wonderful world of words!

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below! Can you really make a full time living creating content from home? Absolutely. And there are many different types of content, and campaigns that are easy to learn, and that don’t cost much money, if any…to start from scratch.

  1. Article marketing for affiliate products is one approach, and one that doesn’t even require you have a website. (you can simply drive traffic to the vendors site using a root level re-direction)
  2. Article marketing for LIST building, and selling your own products, sites or services is another.
  3. Promoting the sites, services or offers of small businesses, or even bigger brands is yet another little known way that a small “work at home entrepreneur” can create cash from content, as you can literally create your own “SEO” service, or “PR” agency with article syndication as the primary tool, and technique you use!

Or of course, you can always simply create content that is explicitly for sale and literally just write articles for other publishers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and affiliates who would rather focus on marketing, rather than creating the content that drives their traffic. (which to be honest with you, in the majority of markets is most of us!) The other reason that content creation is so attractive is you don’t need to do it full time to see real results.

For example…If you set aside 90 minutes a day for a month and do nothing but write articles to promote affiliate products, you WILL see real results as well. My favorite way to monetize my own online marketing content campaigns? In my own business, I only use articles for the purposes of building a community, or a list of subscribers with whom I can continue to have a conversation with long after they’ve read my initial article.

The truth is, the absolute easiest way to build clients and customers in the online space is through CONTINUITY, and that’s impossible to achieve through one conversation. The best part? All of the above can be started on a shoe string budget, without any real marketing experience. I have personally used content creation, as above…to generate millions of readers in more markets (and pen names) than I can count, and the good news is, so TOO can you! (no guru’s required)